Decolonial Encounters: Celebrating Queer Joy in Germany

The dominant understanding in Europe about diversity, inclusion and intersectionality is trying to include the excluded into a society that didn’t want them in the first place. As a red thread for our project, we want to centre Queer Joy of BIPoC. This sounds simple for a white heteronormative audience. But it’s not for a queer BIPoC. Usually white artists portray the struggle and pain of queer BIPoC. This means the victimisation and fetishisation of queer BIPoC’s sexuality is the dominant narrative in Europe. We want to disrupt this narrative by portraing queer BIPoC in their daily lives. That is why, in Berlin & Colgine, we photographed eleven portraits for postcares to demonstrate what joy can look like.

© 2022 EuropeLab funded by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum with 5.000,00€
Realised by Farah Abdi & Miriam Mona Mukalazi
Photo Credits: Mathilda Noelia (Cologne) + Samet Durgun (Berlin)
Styling: Tomisin Etti (Cologne)

HomeTelling: Testimonials from Europe

HomeTelling aims to explore questions of belonging and identity amidst rising nationalist and far-right sentiments in many European countries. We believe that one’s identity and sense of belonging are closely related to the concept of home. We decided to interview people of different ages, genders, religions, nationalities and backgrounds across Europe about where and what home is for them. By bringing together different perspectives of home we hope to not only illustrate the diversity of Europe and expand the definition of European identity but also understand if and how people feel at home in Europe.

© 2018 FutureLab Europe funded by the European Policy Centre with 5.000,00€
Authors: Marija Biljan, Yulia Gershinkova, Iro Kaoukaki and Miriam Mona Mukalazi